About Pure & Innocent

People friendly | Planet friendly | Product friendly
Fair trade | Natural materials | Sustainable products

This is Pure & Innocent.

Pure & Innocent is a brand which sells 100% honest products, which are made in Europe.
All our products are carefully selected and are made of European, natural and sustainable materials as much as possible. This isn’t only good for nature, but also for the people who make the products and for you.
For us, the love of nature and fair trade are leading.

Pure & Innocent is created because we want to contribute to reducing mass consumption and the current ‘throw away culture’.
We do this by offering products that are durable and have a long lifespan.
Why does a product have to come all the way from China or India, and does it have to be made by someone who doesn’t get paid fairly? Why do we want everything as cheap as possible, and then throw it away?
It seems as if we have completely lost our initial need for quality.
The creation of awareness, appreciation and respect for nature and mankind is followed by an increasing demand for honest products and sustainability. This is the demand we’re meeting.
We deliver the quality you expect and deserve.

We also contribute to a cleaner environment.
None of our products are shipped by plane or container shipment by sea. We also strive for less packaging waste and less environmentally damaging packaging (Waste Reduction Support).
Our ambition is to ensure that our products are entirely made from natural materials and are biodegradable.

Our promise to you therefore is:
100% fair products, made in Europe, which contribute to sustainability and a cleaner environment.

This is our mission
Healthy nature and happy people, that’s what we stand for. They are inextricably linked. Our most important message is that quality takes precedence over quantity, and we contribute to this as much as possible.

This is our vision
We inform and inspire our customers to follow our point of view. In the end, we will convince you to opt for sustainable and fair alternatives. This will contribute to the conservation of nature, fair trade and reduce our ecological footprint.

These are the values we comply with
* Respect nature and mankind
It’s very important to preserve the health of our nature. In order to achieve this, we need respect for both.
* Sell quality, or sell nothing
If we don’t fully support the quality of a product, it won’t be sold.
* It’s all about the details
Even perfection isn’t good enough. There’s always room for improvement somewhere.
* Create trust through transparency
Be open, honest and follow your heart.
* Be generous
In order to pursue ideals, making a lot of money is less important.

100% pure, 100% innocent | Natural and sustainable aim | Handmade, traditional, artisanal, authentic, European | Reduced waste contribution